As a partner in the tiling and building industry Faktum operates way beyond the European border to ensure best value for money and a supply of high quality products.


Company Mission

To simplify tiling through our know-how. Others are good – we are better.

Company Vision

By the end of 2018 our customers will consider Faktum as the fastest and most customer friendly supplier with the greatest product range of tilers’ products on the market – thus shopping will be a real pleasure.

Company Values

Creating high standards in the tiling and building industry is only possible through the engagement of our team. As a company we keep to the following values: “customer orientated, honest, hardworking, conscientious, and reliable”.

Quality and Applicationmanagement

Constant quality and application controls are carried out to ensure we can meet current and future Standards. Examinations and inspections are being carried out on a very high Level by our own application management so that projects can be supplied with top quality products. To guarantee the security of the whole system our products have been tested with each other and have been approved of by common laboratories. Our building chemical products and its components are certified with the European norm ETAG 022.

Faktum in Germany


Faktum Bauprodukte GmbH
Oberhausener Straße 8
57234 Wilnsdorf
Tel.: 02739 / 8757 0
Opening hours
Mon. – Fri. 07:00 – 06:00 pm

Global offices

Benefit from our global offices. Higher purchase volumes through group and bulk buying show in our price advantages. A large quantity of stock and an enormous range of products which is readily available amongst our global offices is a great advantage for today’s requirements.

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